Sunday, April 21, 2013


Most Homecomings, I am already home by Sunday morning. This year, since I was spending most of it with my sweet friends Karen and Janet, and because it is my last one for who knows how many years, we decided to stay in Columbus over night on Saturday.

After a morning of dressing and primping that took us straight back to dorm days, we attended the Pinelake Starkville worship service. Despite the fact that I've been friends with these women for 28 years, this was the very first time we'd all gone to church together. How fitting that communion was held that day, not something that happens weekly at Southern Baptist churches. We all three were greatly touched by the Holy Spirit and I was so overwhelmingly thankful for Janet, Karen, and my Lord during that time. Not only am I blessed to have them as friends, I am blessed to have them as sisters in the faith.

I was also blessed to meet some sweet college girls before a delicious brunch at Old Venice compliments of Karen where I got to see her daughter who I used to babysit.

And when lunch was done, it was time to head back home with a very full heart.

What a gift this Homecoming was to me.

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