Saturday, April 13, 2013


Some days here are so full of joy, so full of blessing, so full of love, that I literally want to skip through the house singing "I LOVE LIFE".  Today was one of those days and I really did skip through my house doing just that.

This morning was spent sharing our story and lives with a group of girls from Highland Presbyterian as we worked in the clothes ministry and prayer walked.

I enjoyed watching Travis learn to use a pressure washer to clean behind our house --- and get really dirty and wet in the process.

After the morning work ended and the family enjoyed a lunch of hot wings, I joined fellow missionary Ashley and our neighbor Vincent in peeling about 45 pounds of potatoes.

Who knew that peeling this many potatoes (for tomorrow's We Will Go supper) could be so much fun?  Or that I had such a talent for fast peeling?

As a reward for Vincent's hard work --- and just because I'm always looking for an excuse to celebrate --- we bought Bluebell icecream from the nearby McDade's.

I actually waited and ate mine once I could have some alone downtime.  My new Lisa Samson book, the comfy couch, and a bowlful of Texas sheet cake and icecream were pure bliss.

My sweet neighbor Carolyn brought me over some seafood and sauteed veggies that she had cooked.  She knew I'd been working hard and just wanted to bless me.  She succeeded!

Years ago, we started a weekly tradition of a family movie night. Popcorn, pizza, and soda are the got-to-have-em menu items.

Tonight we watched BRAVE.  This was Betsie's first time to see it.

Betsie loved it and Merry needed some extra sister support during the intense bear fight, even though she's seen this move a few times.

The whole crew is glued to the climatic ending as Jim is outside talking to neighbor guys and fellow missionary Levi.

Someone sent me a message today on Facebook asking me if I thought that perhaps I was meant to stay at We Will Go, not move to Swaziland, because I was so happy here and God was using our family in so many ways. I haven't answered her yet but I've thought about her question. I definitely believe God has called us to move to Africa and that our time here is just a temporary time of training and transition. But it is also a time of investing in this ministry and the lives of those God sends our way. And even though I don't at all feel called to live here long term, I am very, very thankful for this time of living at We Will Go and serving this neighborhood. Every single week, I meet new people, so many incredible folks with amazing stories. I get the blessing of helping lives be changed for Jesus. I have the honor of praying for folks and even seeing some of them miraculously healed. I get to watch my kids learn to pray for strangers and boldly share their faith. I am blessed to see them and my husband grow in their giftings and their faith in the Lord.

Some days, days like this one, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that only skipping and singing can adequately express my happiness, my appreciation.

But every day I still long for Swaziland. I miss it and dream about my life there.

It is a paradox. We are called, as Christians, to be content in all circumstances and to learn to see God in everything He brings our way. We are to be grateful for the provision He has for us now and to, as the old saying goes, bloom where we are planted.


We are never to let go of the calling He has on our lives and keep pursuing the dreams He has placed in our hearts.

There are many places we can live and many things we can do that can bring happiness and even bless and benefit others.

But there are times when He calls us to do very specific things, sometimes for just a short season and sometimes forever. We must keep our eyes focused on what that call is --- preparing, planning, praying --- while at the same time, not missing what He has for us in the here and now.

That isn't always easy. Some days all I want to do is be rocking some sweet African babies.

That's when I have to open my eyes and say to myself, "what is God wanting to teach me now? What beauty is around me here? Who needs my love in this place?"

And then live in the present as fully and richly as I can so that when I step into His future plans for us, I won't taint them with regrets for what I missed back here.

That enables me to have days like this.

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