Thursday, July 22, 2010


...happy birthday, to you!

Today is my beloved husband's birthday. He is now half-way to 90.

We started his birthday celebration with a breakfast of his choosing consisting of hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs. I added strawberries to the mix to make it a bit more heart healthy. Hey! I want him to still be around for his 90th!

Later on in the morning, the kids and I stopped by his office and sang "Happy Birthday" again and 4 year old Miss M gave him a birthday card.

One of the men he works with treated him to a muffaletta for lunch and then this evening he once again had a meal in his honor. According to his request, I made one of his favorite recipes, a Rachael Ray burger one. Our supper was comprised of RR's Salsa Verde Turkey Burgers, bbq beans, steak fries, and fresh pineapple. Dessert was chocolate cake and icecream. No, I didn't make the cake. Have you seen the oven in our RV?!?

Below are pics from our evening:

The kids pray as the food and Jim is blessed.

Almost all the kids gave Jim chocolate of some form or another for his gift.

Muppet flicks and John Wayne's GREEN BERETS were at this top of his wish list.

Desmond, our oldest son's best friend and our "son of another color" joined us for the fun and the imbibing of Jones' soda. It is awesome!

Forty-five candles was going to just be too many to try to light so instead, Patch put the candles in the shape of the number 45. Even then, he and I had a challenge getting them all lit.

And then when all was said and done, the night ended with watching the Muppets solve the great jewelry robbery case.

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