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Interested in coming to Swaziland, Africa with us this September? Here are the trip details from my beautiful and oh-so-talented team leader, Danielle

September 18th-29th, 2010

Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland, Africa

Children’s HopeChest

Trip Leader: Danielle Brower

Trip Code: SZ100902T

1. Airfare: $1500 round trip. All team members will fly out of Atlanta on the 18th on the SAME flight, arriving in Johannesburg on the 19th together. We will be purchasing our airline tickets BEFORE August 18th.

2. Land Costs: $1500 includes all ground transportation, lodging & meals. A guide will meet us at the airport and within a day (this may or may not include an overnight stay in South Africa, depending on when our flight arrives) we will be driven 3 hours to the Beveni Carepoint. After a brief visit, we will be taken to the hotel to settle in & be debriefed about Swaziland culture, etc. More specific land cost details are provided for in the Travel Guidelines document under “The Land Package”

ALL TOTALS ARE APPROXIMATE!!! Please understand that the final costs depends on the number of team members we have. As soon as I know the exact totals, you will too!

What will we be doing while we are there?

For the rest of the week we will spend as much time as possible at Beveni, assisting in whatever ways we can. The details are still being worked out but here are some of the things that each team member will be expected to help with.

1. Vacation Bible School-type outreach to the Beveni children. There will teachings, singing, dancing, crafts, and games for the older children as well as the preschoolers. Our number one goal will be to be a vessel for God to share His love with the children & the volunteers who care for them on a daily basis.

2. Capital Projects – specifics are still unclear, but we are envision that this may involve repairs or maintenance to the Carepoint & property. We may also work in the garden. If a capital project arises such as building a chicken coup or setting up a soccer field, we’ll be prepared for that. Again, we will await word from HopeChest on this.

3. Home Visits –most likely part of our team would stay at the Carepoint while the other half visits some of the children’s home.

4. Adult Volunteers – we are going to serve the children, and part of the way we can do this is by blessing & encouraging all the adults who care for them. If the go-go’s need help in the kitchen, we will help. If we need to clean the latrine, we will do so.

5. Distributing shoes & other gifts. This will be so FUN!!! And will be done in a very orderly fashion. Once we arrive in Swaziland, someone will be assigned the task of purchasing the shoes & gift bags for the kids. Also at the hotel we will ‘pool’ everything from our luggage and what is bought at the store so it can be sorted before taking it to the Carepoint.

Team members need to plan on taking TWO checked-in luggage bags. One for your personal items. The other will be filled with items that we will leave with the children & Carepoint leaders. A few weeks before the trip, you will receive more info about what to collect & what to bring.

If people want to know how they can support you beyond giving to your personal trip, we will provide a list of items they can donate which can be brought along in your luggage for the Carepoint. For example, we may have one person bring as many crayons as possible. And others we may ask to pack t-shirts for the kids. We will let you know.


Please have the following information to me as soon as you can. I will then send it on to HopeChest, in one team package.

Danielle Brower

420 Hazel Ave E

Kimball, MN 55353

1. TWO black & white crisp copies of your passport – the first page only that has your photo on it.

2. A $250 check made out to Children’s HopeChest, for deposit on your trip. The balance due to HopeChest will need to paid in full before our trip. Remember the only money due to HopeChest is the Land Costs. Airfare is to be paid by each of us to the airline.

3. Trip Application – filled out & signed.

4. Power of Attorney form – if you are a minor.

5. Hotel Room Request – if there is someone specific you’d like to room with, please put it on a note & send it to me with the other forms.

All these forms I will email to you –

1. Trip application

2. Power of Attorney forms

3. HopeChest Travel Guidelines

4. Personal General Health Care for the Traveler – this includes info on recommended vaccines & how to avoid getting sick while traveling, and much more.

5. Global Underwriters Travel Insurance Schedule of Benefits

So please let me know your email address & I’ll get all these forms sent out right away!

We are so excited about the missions trip & look forward to the adventure God has planned! If there are any other questions, I’m here for you!

Danielle Brower

Cell – 763.516.0599
– where you’ll find I talk a lot about Swaziland!

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