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Just over two years ago, I traveled to Swaziland with my two teenage daughters and an amazing group of folks...all who had a heart for the orphans and other at-risk children living in extreme poverty in this beautiful but struggling nation. Not too long afterwards, an online community of sponsors was founded to provide care for the children at one of the carepoints we visited. All the members pledge to monthly give money to ensure that their sponsored child is fed, clothed, educated, discipled, and loved. Letters are also exchanged and sponsors are encouraged to actually travel to Beveni and meet their child. It is more than just about money, it is about relationship.

This September, my husband and I will be traveling to Swaziland to minister at the Beveni Carepoint. We will be putting on a Vacation Bible School among other acts of service to this community. I want to give each of you to participate in loving these least of these. You do not have to be a sponsor to be a part of this amazing outpour. Here is what our Danielle, sponsor group coordinator, sent me via email today:

"All of our kids are now sponsored at Beveni – all 132 of them! The six kids who recently needed sponsors received them in just a few short weeks. What an amazing group we have! Thank you all for sending monthly support & love to the children you sponsor.

Some days it may not feel like you are making a big impact, but you are sending a clear message to them that they are NOT forgotten & they are NOT alone. I can think of no greater gift.

We also have a team traveling to Swaziland this September 18th-29th. We will be spending our time at the Beveni Carepoint with your sponsored children! There’s still time to travel with us if you’d like to! Please contact me right away to find out more.

The kids’ basic needs are being provided through your monthly giving, but there is much more that the children of Beveni need, things that you & I take for granted. Here is an opportunity for an amazing OUTPOURING of Hope at Beveni!

We are launching our first ever Beveni Outpouring 72.

$7200 raised for Beveni in 72 hours!

We can do this if we all give a little…

100 friends give $25

50 friends give $50

22 friends give $100

We will have met our goal!!!

The fundraising campaign starts Friday morning, 8a.m.

(but of course, you can start giving now!)

and ends 72 hours later - Monday at 8a.m.

Here’s where your money will go:

° Basic medical supplies – Tylenol, cold, allergy meds, first aid needs

° School supplies – pencils, crayons, paper, rulers, mathematical drawing sets, flashcards, music cd’s & a boom box, etc.

° Personal supplies – soaps, deodorants, toothbrushes/paste, shirts, socks, shoes

° Fun – soccer balls, jump ropes, dolls, card games, candy

There is a potential for us to ship the medicines & first aid supplies via Kids Against Hunger Cincinnati who ships protein-rich foods to the Carepoints in Swaziland. This shipment leaves the US very soon. Thus, the need for a 72-hour campaign. For the rest of the supplies, we will buy them in Swaziland and hand-deliver them to the kids & the Carepoint leaders! This will also help the local business & economy.


Here’s how:

1. Click on this link to HopeChest, or copy & paste into your browser.

2. Fill out the form & indicate the $$$ you wish to give

3. **VERY Important** in the NOTES section write: BEVENI SUPPLIES

4. SHARE this information on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, with your church, your friends, and your kids… I've attached a word document & logos for this purpose.

5. PRAY that God blesses this event of outpouring. Pray that He also provides an outpouring of hope to our kids at Beveni, their families & all the workers at Beveni. Pray that He blesses the givers!

Your gift will be tax deductible.

We would like to keep a running total of how close we are toward our $7200 goal.

Would you consider replying to this email (for my eyes only) and let me know how much you gave?

Names will not be shared, only dollar amounts.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at

Danielle Brower

Beveni Sponsorship Coordinator

Ps. If you haven't already, I encourage you to join our Facebook Beveni Community Group at"

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