Friday, July 30, 2010

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our oldest daughter has been added to our Swaziland team roster. We are so excited. This will be her third time to return to Swaziland. The first time was with me and her younger sister, the second time was with her AIM Ambassador team last summer, and now!

That is the exciting part!

The UNexciting part is that she only has about 6 or 7 weeks to raise $2500. So here's where you come in...yeah, I'm a mom so I can do this for my girl....would you please pray for her that God will provide the funds and then will some of you consider whether you are part of His provision? If you want to help but can't give yourself, we'd love if some people would help with fundraisers. You can either help us as we put on fundraisers or do a fundraiser on her behalf. This can be as easy as helping us with a road block or donating handcrafted items for us to sell. If you wanted to do a fundraiser, I'll be glad to help you with ideas. When I was going to Swaziland, someone auctioned off a cross necklace on EBay and gave the proceeds towards the trip. Another friend sold bracelets for us to people in her Bible study and church. Another very simple idea, but much appreciated, would be to put a donation can by the cash register of a business you own or frequent.

But seriously, if you can't give, that's totally okay. Your prayers really are what we need the most. And pray for me...I'm finding myself starting to worry and I know that's not the symptom of a trusting heart.

A very happy mama

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