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I received this prayer request from my friend Tom Davis at Children's HopeChest. Maura Rohama Reed is a precious little Ethiopan baby girl just this weekend united with her adopted, forever family. She is very sick and needs prayers. Would you take the time to read, pray, and re-post these requests?

"Tonight I am asking you to pray for Maura Rohama Reed. A precious Ethiopian infant girl just this weekend united with her forever family. She is sick, and she needs our prayers. She needs a Megaphone of Prayer. Would you take a momen to read, pray, and re-post these requests?

We nearly crossed in the air on the way to Ethiopia. Simon and I headed to Ethiopia while Erica Reed and her newly adopted daugther from Ethiopia headed back to the States this past weekend. Less than a day home, the Reeds discovered that their daughter has viral cardiomyopathy.

Maura Rohama was one of the infants who received formula from our Ethiopia Formula Drive at HopeChest.

Originally the Reeds were referred to Julianna Ashure...who died from complications related to diahrrea before they were able to finalize the adoption this summer. Now, Maura is sick, and on the 6th floor of the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital tonight.

Please pray for miraculous healing for this sweet child's little heart. Thank you for powering up the megaphone.

The story from Erica's blog is posted below and the full blog can be found here.

Thank you for being a megaphone of prayer for the Reed Family and for all children.

Prayers Urgently Needed!

This post comes from Leigh Tudor, Erica's sister:

I just spoke with my sister, Erica Tudor Reed. As you know, she and Jason just returned from Ethiopia on Saturday with my newly adopted niece, Maura Rohama. They took Maura to the International Adoption Clinic at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for a check-up yesterday. The doctors admitted her with concerns of a heart condition, and they have been doing tests and waiting on lab results. The cardiologist came in this morning and looks like the probable diagnosis is cardiomyopathy (viral). There is severe damage to Maura's right ventricle, with significant amount of blood pooling. She will be at Vanderbilt most likely through the weekend, at the very least.

In these types of cases:

About 1/3 of patients' hearts recover and strengthen on their own.

Another 1/3 can be controlled by medication without further damage or strengthening.

The last 1/3 can expect to see gradual deterioration with compromised life expectancy.

The doctors may move Maura Rohama into Intensive Care, but at this point she is still in a regular room on the 6th floor of the Children's Hospital. She is happy and gurgling and blowing bubbles and smiling. A nutritionist is coming in later this morning to discuss diet and helping her put on weight.

Tomorrow, they may do a heart catheterization and/or a heart biopsy - both of which are risky procedures, especially for one so tiny.

These our specific prayer needs:

We covet your prayers, first and foremost, for Maura Rohama. We ask for God's healing hand to touch and heal this sweet baby girl.

We also pray for strength for our family to deal with whatever the prognosis may be.

Please lift up Erica, Jason, and Ashton (my five year old nephew) and ask for God' to give them comfort and peace. They have been through so much to get Maura home, and she is truly loved.

Pray for the doctors to be able to quickly diagnose and treat Maura. We long to have her home where she belongs.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, thoughts, and concerns. We feel your love, and know that God is in control.

Leigh Tudor"

To read more about the Reed's adoption journey and for updates on Maura, visit their blog:


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Praying for this beautiful, precious little girl and her family!


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Thank you, Leslie!