Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last week, our family went to WE WILL GO, an inner-city ministry in the heart of our metro area. We will go holds Bible studies, prayer times, and worship services along with providing food, counseling, discipleship, toiletries, and clothes. Basically, they try to minister to the whole person.

During these fall and winter months, many of the folks who are touched by this ministry are cold. Many are either living on the streets or live in buildings that are unheated or inadequately heated and insulated. WE WILL GO gives them blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, hats, and other much needed items. Sadly, they are running very low on provision for the men.

Last Sunday, a friend sent a coat with us to donate to the ministry. When I took it to the clothes ministry building, I noticed that it was the ONLY men's winter coat. There were probably 50 or so women's coats, but there was just that one and only men's coat. And as I worked in there later on helping to pass out clothing, I assisted one of the first men coming through the door. He needed a coat. That lone coat fit him perfectly. But then all the other men needing one that day had to leave and spend another week coat less in the bitter cold, hoping that this Sunday there might be one for them.

Would you be willing to provide a coat for a man in need? The Bible tells us that if we have two cloaks and see our brother in need, we should give him one of those coats. Jesus also tells us that whatever we do for "the least of these" we also do for Him. When we give a coat to a freezing man, we are not just warming him physically, we are warming him spiritually as he sees the love of Jesus lived out in a practical and tangible way. And we're also giving that coat to our savior.

It's truly amazing that when we show Jesus' love to others, we are also showing love to Him.

So maybe you'd love to give a coat but your husband only has one or maybe you're not married and you're a woman so there are no coats to be had in your household. Perhaps you can ask the men in your life to donate one. Or buy one. Money tight? Try the local thrift store or consignment shop. In many cases, if you buy one at a thrift store (such as Gateway Rescue Mission in our area), the money you spend goes to support local charities and ministries.

If you need more details about the WE WILL GO MINISTRY, visit their website at . If you live locally and would like to donate, I'll be glad to either tell you how to get there or I'll take the coats for you. If you don't live in our area, but you want to mail a coat or two or three, that would also work! Just let me know and I'll get you the shipping address.

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