Friday, December 18, 2009


Today we made our annual Christmas visit up to Canton, City of Lights. We've been going for several years now. I thought it was amazing to see how fast the kids change. The top two photos were taken four years ago.

And here we are now. Anna is almost as tall as I am...maybe half an inch shy of my height...and Betsie has probably grown 12 inches or more. They've gone from little girls to nearly grown women. I'm understanding more and more the old, how time flies.


The Unsell Family said...

Hey friend, I posted on our blog today about some book challenges and one of them is a Jane Austen challenge. I know how much you love her and was thinking of you as I posted it. Wanted to make sure you knew about it.

~Jen Unsell

Elysa said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Jen. I surely do love Miss Austen.