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This article was written by Dennis Brock, a staff member with Adventures in Missions, who lives in Swaziland and spends the majority of his days helping to care for God's precious "least of these". My daughter A and her team will be ministering at Timbutini and assisting the Luke Commission written about here:

"On Friday May 15th 2009 we @ AIM Swaziland experienced a breakthrough in our ministry. The 15th was the day of our first medical clinic in our new partnership with The Luke Commission (TLC). In case you do not know of the Luke Commission, let me first begin by telling you that they are awesome! They are the real deal here in Swazi! TLC are a mobile medical mission based here in Swaziland, which focuses their efforts in the rural areas. They offer free medical care, free medications, free HIV testing and counseling, free vision care, free eyeglasses, free Bibles and the Hope of the Gospel. In fact everything they do, all the care they provide, is infused with getting out the message Jesus. We are so excited to begin our partnership with them, as they have pledged to regularly run clinics at our care point locations. Please feel free to check out the Luke Commission @ their website. Their web address is:

The location for our first partner clinic was @ the Timbutini Church/Care Point. I was so excited that we were finally able to provide this type of service for the community. Usually, we have to take our children into the city to be seen @ a hospital. It is always a long, difficult, and frustrating process. Most of the poorest people in Swaziland live in the rural areas. They usually do not have the funds to be treated by a doctor, let alone the money to even travel to the city to get to the doctors. What usually happens is that people suffer, and even die from simple treatable ailments. What a blessing it was to have very good doctors and knowledgeable medical staff come into our community to see the people right where they live! For me this was a total dream come true! It felt like "Finally we are rolling here!" It was another step, an improvement in what we (with God's grace and power) are able to provide in terms of care and support to all our orphaned children as well as the larger community. Thank you Lord!

The community clinic started at around 10 am and finished with the last patients at around 9:30 that night. It was a long day for sure, but so worth it! Many people were seen by the doctors – in fact no one is ever turned away by the Luke Commission, as they will stay until the last person is treated. Everyone who saw the doctor was dealt with care and shown the love and compassion of Christ. It was so great to see the TLC staff take time to explain to the people what their medical problem is. Almost always here a doctor will simply give you pills and not explain anything to you about your medical condition. And it is looked down upon for a patient to ask the doctor questions. Crazy right?

For now I am also functioning as the liaison between AIM and TLC helping to coordinate our future clinic days. It's this marriage of the compassion, love, and the hope of Jesus, along with the tangible help of great medical treatment that gets me very excited! This was truly a dream come true, and it's just the beginning! Our goal continues to be partnering w/ the Lord to bring his work of restoration in our communities. Our partnership with TLC is just one more tool in which He is making that happen.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am happy to be kicking off my blog again! Hopefully I will be a lot better updating it now...Blessings to you!

To read more about Dennis and his wife Thulile's ministry in Swaziland, visit .

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