Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just received this news from A's Swaziland team leaders:

Hello All-

We just moved back to Manzini, where we will be until tomorrow when we head to South Africa.

This is probably the last blog post we will be able to write while in Africa. We are entering into the first stages of debriefing our time here. This will include a lot of reflection on our time here, opportunities to praise God for the work He has done in us and through us, and practical thinking about returning back home. We will be interspersing this with exciting activities where we will be staying in South Africa.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for our safe travels and that God would really be ministering to us in this time. We cannot believe our time in Africa is so quickly coming to an end, and while we are very sad to leave, we're excited to share our experiences here with you.

Thanks for all of your support, encouragement, and prayers. We appreciate all the prayers we have as we're traveling back, and we look forward to seeing everyone again. Praise God for all of His provision, blessings, and faithfulness thus far!!!

~Swazi Leaders


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Praying for your daughter as she travels back and goes through the transition of readjusting to life in America this next week! It sounds like they had such an incredible impact to so many in Swaziland! It is encouraging to hear how God has used them!

Elysa said...

Thank you for your prayers, Wendy!