Thursday, July 02, 2009


By Larry Vann, advocate for Swazi orphans

A couple of weeks ago we carried a team of people to the Atlanta International Airport. Their destination? Swaziland. If you have been in any modern airport, I am sure you have noticed the really wide corridors. Especially the ones in and around check-in. As we neared Gate A-7, we noticed a small, soft-spoken security officer trying to direct people down an obscure, narrow hallway. The throngs of people walking through the main corridor continued about their business – very few people listened to the officer and even fewer followed his instruction: “This is a security checkpoint. Trust me. If you do not follow this hallway, you will not be allowed to enter this area.” He kept saying to the people passing by, “Trust me.” We even noticed people stopping to curiously look down the narrow hallway, then look back in the direction they were walking – then continue on their way. Some of the people who didn’t follow the officer’s instructions later came back to where they were told they should go. I still don’t know where all those other people went. According to our new friend, they must have left the airport because they sure weren’t going to be able to access the gate area unless they went down this hallway. Who knows? They may still be aimlessly wandering the wide corridors of the Atlanta airport.

There have been many times when I felt as thought I was aimlessly wandering through life. I walked by a Man who told me that if I wanted to reach my destination that I needed to go down a path less traveled. He told me the route I was taking was very wide and seemingly easy to travel. But He also told me that the wide and easy path would lead to destruction. I believe we all go down the wrong path from time to time. I am so thankful today that God remains faithful to us. He is still standing at the crossroads, ready to lead us down the path that leads to eternal life.

Matthew 7: 13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it.”

Life is like a road. Most of us will travel a road to get somewhere today. There are many streets that you could have taken, but you wouldn't have ended up where your destination is. You had to follow a certain path to get where you are going. If you'd taken a different road, you probably would have ended up somewhere else.

Jesus said that the choices we make in life are like picking which road to take. He describes two roads. One is wide, and flat, and easy with a wide gate at the end. The other is narrow, and rugged, and difficult, with a narrow opening at its end. Most people take the easy road, and few take the narrow one. But Jesus said that the wide and easy road leads to destruction, and the straight and narrow road leads to eternal life.

When we have to make choices in life, we have to base our decisions on more than what is easiest. Often what seems easiest or most appealing is the worst choice we can make. Satan wants us to sin, so he makes sin look good. But we have to know where our decisions will lead us. We have to look at the consequences of our decisions.

We can't take the easy road to get to heaven, we have to follow the narrow road. Some people think they can do both. Is it possible to drive on two different roads at the same time? Is it possible to drive in two different directions? There are times we think we can do wrong and be right. We think they can serve God, but do everything we want to do. Jesus said this is impossible. We have to decide to follow God, and put His will first.

Jesus is standing at the gate saying, “Trust me.” What road will you take today?

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