Wednesday, July 08, 2009


One of A's AIM Ambassador teammates sent this message to her parents on the 4th of July:

Hi - okay, I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Manzini, Swaziland and i am really frustrated with this computer (i have spent half an hour trying to fix it). grrrr. Anyway, now i can finally have contact with America! I am currently living in a round hut with the 15 other girls on my team. It has been so much fun. But pray, pray, pray, pray, pray...i honestly cannot write that enough - there is so much spiritual warfare here. Here's something you'll find amusing - my team regards me as just about the most practical one on our team! Oh, mom (i know, i'm using your facebook, love you and daddy and peter so much!), Amy showed me the southern cross last night - it's actually not too big. I can't believe i'm already half way through. Is my horsey happy? I miss you all bunches, especially now, and i hope you check your facebook sometime today.

Okay, now for the second part. I've been to a care point, and have some precious friends (Lindokuhle, Masithulele, Nonhlanhla, and Bongiwe), although i had to say goodbye to them on Wed. I've been to the Hope House, sort of like a hospice, and the Manzini Hospital, that was pretty hard. My team is such an amazing group of people. Please, please pray. I cannot stress enough how important that is. Today we're takinga day off, yay!! and going to a Fourth of July party with the Western group:-). I don't think i've ever prayed this much in my whole life, but it is so amazing. I love you all. I am so excited to be here - it is so crazy cool! Well, next time you hear from me, I should be home.

Love you so so much!

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