Saturday, October 25, 2008


This past week, I was blessed to travel with my husband on a business trip to Lexington, Kentucky. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there filled to overflowing with beautiful scenery, scrumptious eats, great people, fun happenings, and ponder-worthy conversations.

I'll post more details in a day or two. We're busy right now just trying to get everybody back into their normal routines.


Meridith said...

Found your blog on LWG blogroll... so glad to connect with other Christian women... off to read more... (((hugs)))

Elysa said...

Hi Meridith and welcome to Graceland!

I'm glad you stopped by. I'll be visiting your corner of the world via your blog later this morning. Can't ever get too much grace, huh? ;)


Meridith said...

Elysa - thanks for visiting my blog... that is too cool that you live here in my area! And have lived in 4 of the 5 places I listed??? That's just nuts!!

Do you think we have met before?? Crossed paths IRL????

And BTW - feel free to email me -

Elysa said...

We might have crossed paths before though I'm thinking you might be a few or many years younger than I am. I'm in my fabulous 40's....42 to be exact.

I'll email you with other particulars.

Glad to have "met" you here! :)