Friday, October 03, 2008

Hi all. I'm Elysa's oldest and the guest blogger today. But I'm being required to "interview" my little sister who has a birthday today.

Tell everyone how old you are today Princess.

Princess: *said in a dramatically bored voice* Seven.

Hobbit Baby: No, eight.

Princess: Seven. *pauses* I have the hiccups.

Me: are you going to do today?

Princess: Play at park.

Me: Gee...don't you sound excited.

Princess: *whining now* I have the hiccups.

Me: So!?! Ok, what did you get for your birthday?

Princess: The Littlest Pet Shop Clubhouse.

Me: Is that good?

Princess: Yes!

Me: What do you plan to do this upcoming year of your little life?

Princess: Play with my toys.

Me: All year long!?!

Princess: Not all year.

Me: Just most of it.

Princess: Uh-huh.

Me: Ten years from now (when you're seventeen) what do you think you will be doing?

Princess: Um, painting pictures.

Hobbit Baby: Coloring and playing outside.

Princess: Uh, no.

Mother: Hobbit what does Princess look like.

Hobbit Baby: She looks like me!

Mother: Princess, what does Hobbit look like?

Princess: Uh...herself?

Mother: No! She looks just like you!

Princess: Uh, ok, sure.

Me: Well I guess I should conclude this scintillating interview. See ya later blogettes!

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