Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For the longest time, my 4 year old son T always said, that next to God, he loved me more than anybody. Alas, it is no longer true. After Jeff Goins of Adventures in Missions visited us last week, T has decided that he likes Mr. Jeff only second to the Creator of the Universe. My husband assures me that this too shall pass and that shortly I will return to top billing in his affections. I am not so convinced. After all, T says that Mr. Jeff rates that high because Mr. Jeff can play Monkey Ball on the Wii.

And that is certainly reason enough for a young boy to choose someone else over his dear old mother.
I'm not bitter... even a tad. Truly.


Rhonda Jeanne said...

You're more woman than me. I'd be practicing Monkey Ball.(privately, of course)

Joni said...

That's tough, isn't it? But, you'll never be totally replaced, because you're the ONLY mom he has!

Thanks for alerting me to Ragamuffin Diva's new blogsite!