Sunday, June 15, 2008


As part of our youth outreach summer, we're taking our youth group to an inner city ministry, WE WILL GO, that holds an outdoor church service primarily for homeless folks but also pimps, prostitutes, addicts, etc. I'm very excited. The homeschool family that has started this ministry is amazing! The mom, Amy, spoke to our group yesterday during our kick-off day and we are all pretty stoked about letting God change our hearts and living fearless lives of love for Him.

I'm not scared, but still ask for your prayers. For most of our youth, this will be their very first time to do anything like this. Pray for them. Pray they won't be fearful but will be transformed by the awesome power of the Holy Spirit and will be annointed agents of grace and mercy. AND, that they will be ministered to by the "congregation"...many of them who are deeply in love with Jesus despite, or perhaps BECAUSE of, their circumstances.

Secondly, pray for the members of the congregation. For most of them, Father's Day is a very tough day. The majority of the men there who are fathers are struggling with guilt over how they raised or didn't raise their kids. The majority of them, men and women, are struggling with hurts from their childhood where THEIR father's are concerned.

Thirdly, another prayer request for our youth. Most won't be going today because it IS Father's Day, but some will be with me primarily because they don't have dads to celebrate with. Pray that I'll be able to minister to them and pray that they will be ministered to while they are there.

And lastly, just pray for me as I juggle leading the group AND watching all my kids...especially my 2 littlest ones. Though I'm not scared for my kids going into this situation, I'm a bit nervous about trying to keep an eye on them amidst a crowd in an outdoor setting on a street corner.

Pray that over it all, God's grace, power, and love will reign!

Thanks in advance,


Visit to learn more about Amy and her family's ministry. Their story is amazing!


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