Friday, June 20, 2008


"Someone has said that it's hard to steal second base if you don't leave first. One of the great problems with most Christians is that we're still hanging on to first base. martin Luther said, 'If you sin...sin boldly!' He was not encouraging sin. He was encouraging risk. If you knew that God loved you without condition and without reservation, what would you do? If would dance and laugh and live a little. If I knew that He loved me no matter what, I would lighten up. That's hard to do when you're clinging to first base. It doesn't matter if you do it right...just run for second and let the devil take the hindmost. Besides, the game is already over and you side won. So your failure, if it happens, is irrelevant. In the end, God wins and you do too. You think about that."

Steve Brown


Sarah C. said...

TAG! You're it! I've tagged you to do a "meme." See the rules here:

Elysa said...

Fun! I love stuff like that. I've got to get a nap but I'll be checking it out afterwards.

Thanks for thinking of me!
:D Elysa