Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A few months ago, my friend Drewe Llyn brought some SCRUMPTIOUS yummies to a homeschool function. They were so good, several people asked for the recipe. Here's what Drewe Llyn sent out:

Sausage-Cheese Muffins

1 pound sausage browned
1 cup Bisquick (or Bisquick-like mix)
1 can cheddar cheese soup

Mix all together and bake @ 350 degrees in miniature muffin pans.

Drewe Llyn said
, "the [muffins] I brought today were some from a 5x batch I made yesterday. I used 5 lbs Great Value Pork Sausage, 5 cups store brand biscuit mix, 3 cans Nacho cheese soup, and 2 cans cheddar cheese soup. The 5x batch made approximately 168 muffins! Don't try baking them in regular size muffin tins; they'll be raw in the middle."

No, they are not low fat, high fiber, all natural, 100% organic, or low cholesterol, but they are mighty fine...I can testify to that!

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A Joint Venture said...

my mom makes these. delicious!