Tuesday, May 13, 2008


...planting watermelon seedlings
...numerous sinus/allergy OTCs and natural remedies
...facebook frustrations
...praying for friends and family
...piles of laundry and loads of dishes
...making job lists
...emails, forums, and blogs
...too much stuff and too many piles
...sparkly blue toenail polish
...searching for a babysitter
...fruit flies
...a new air conditioner in the master bedroom
...history with the oldest four
...hummus, salsa, and blue corn tortilla chips
...losing my patience
...asking forgiveness
...dark chocolate M&M's
...B's sprained ankle
...afternoon naps (for me and the babies)
...missing Swaziland
...not making it to a friend's child's graduation
...taking the kids swimming and walking laps around the pool for nearly an hour
...Latin prayer said before our supper
...honey mustard pork loin and a neighbor's homegrown turnip greens
...no complaints about afore mentioned greens
...kids cleaning the kitchen
...enjoying time with our neighbor Lillie
...loading the much-appreciated dishwasher
...introducing my husband to Coldplay
...snuggling with the little ones and relaxing with hubby under the flip-flop groovy lights


Coffee Bean said...

Elements of my day:

Reading blogs
Cleaning muddy dogs
More Staring
Reading more blogs
checking e-mail
Cleaning muddy dogs
re-reading blogs

and so on and so forth. sigh. Not a productive day here.

BTW, are you familiar with Daughtry? Check him out!!! He is my current FAV!!! I listened to his CD 1,234,516 times today. Really. I did.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

and my day:
making WH.'s lunch
milk money for WH
UTI---cranberry tablets
change diaper
breakfast for rest of them
nap for abby
a few loads of laundry
check email
science reading with Liz
math review with Liz
more cranberry tablets
scavenger hunt
2nd cup
change diaper
lunch 4 kids
stupid UTI...last 2 cranberry tablets
try to make make toy for kids
lose my patience
BBQ beans and beef for lunch 4 me
check email
snack 4 kids
WH home...homework
Abby naps again
make jumprope
send WH to get little guys
paint numbers on mailbox
Cheeseburger with mayo and salsa
sort socks (ugh)
stomach cramps...too many cranberry tablets
video for kids
yet more coffee
read blogs
fruitless search on web for alumni
watch Odd Thomas webisode with my FINE husband
read in bed
fall asleep
sam wets his pjs
sam wets pjs again

Elysa said...

CB: I guess its a matter of the grass being greener, but your day sounds so nice and relaxing to me. ;)

RJ: Call me twisted and cruel, but I literally laughed out loud over the "stomach cramps...too many cranberry tablets" comment. I know...what a mean friend I am.

CB and RJ: I love you two so much!

Karen Deborah said...

I'm sorry you've been having so much sickness lately. Of it makes you feel any better it is 5:15 and I'm in my pajamas. I'm just going to stay in them and go back to bed later. hope you had a nice mother's day! Come by my blog now and then and leave me a note oh tay?

Rhonda Jeanne said...

it had to have those tablets...certainly not the 3 cups of java.