Tuesday, May 20, 2008



"The truth and beauty of the gospel expose our idol-myths as feeble substitutes and garish counterfeits. And the power of the gospel enables us to break free from their enslaving and destructive grasp. Indeed, as our deliverer and liberator, Jesus is freeing us for the great adventure of living as characters in and carriers of God's archetypal Story of all stories. Its like being taking from starring in your own self produced, 8 mm black and white home movies to playing one of the hobbits in the grand production of The Return of the King."


Scotty Smith, Restoring Broken Things


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FeatherIron said...

Hey Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

The name of my blog "The Wardrobe and the White Tree" is after the wardrobe from CS Lewis' Narnia series and the white tree that is in all of Tolkien's Middle earth literature so I really dug seeing your hobbit group and the quote. I am a total Lewis Tolkien Geek!

I also homeschool, love Africa, love Orphans and I love Red Letters!! That is so cool that you got to serve in Swaziland with them!! My husband is going to Swaziland July 21st on a missions trip with our church and Children's Cup. AND we are going to Ethiopia to get our 8yr old son, somtime this summer. I can't wait.

God bless you.