Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today I'm thankful that I know God and have the assurance that He has forgiven my sins and loves me just as I was, just as I am, just as I'll be. What a peace and joy that brings.

"This is the basis of worship. The full assurance of sin put away, ministers, not to a spirit of self-confidence, but to a spirit of praise, thankfulness, and worship. It produces not a spirit of self-complacency but of Christ-complacency, which, blessed be God, is the spirit which shall characterize the redeemed throughout eternity. It does not lead one to think little of sin, but to think much of the grace which has perfectly cancelled it. It is impossible that any one can gaze on the cross-can see the place which Christ took-can meditate upon the sufferings which he endured-can ponder on those three terrible hours of darkness, and at the same time, think lightly of sin. When all these things are entered into, in the power of the Holy Ghost, there are two results which must follow, namely, an abhorrence of sin, in all its forms, and a genuine love to Christ, His people and His cause."

CH McIntosh, Notes on Leviticus, 1860 (Brethren pastor in London)

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