Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a Simple Thing

It won't change the world or make it in the Guiness Book of World's Records, but it made a difference to my little princess and so it made a difference to me.

Yesterday in Sunday School, I was her teacher. I had the class make paper bag puppets as a go-along with their lesson on sharing. As the children made their puppets, they were encouraged to kindly share their craft supplies and what a great job they did. And then, just as Whiskers, the Sunday School mouse puppet, told them (via MY vocal chords) his story about sharing his cheese flavored popsicle, the children were told that they should use their puppets to also tell others about how THEY could share...share like the woman in their Bible story who shared her food with the prophet Elijah.

My girl has had so much fun playing with her puppet and continuing to decorate it. Seeing her enjoy something that the world sees as such a simple thing brings a smile to this mom's heart and is just another reason that I'm so blessed to be a parent and glad that God allows me to minister to His little ones through our church.

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