Monday, July 02, 2007


One of my "in real life" friends has awarded me with my first ever blog award. Considering how many pals she has in the blogosphere world, I consider that a true compliment.
Now its my turn to give this award to 5 bloggers:
SHAUNA at is a gifted blog writer who also strives to encourage other writers as well as promoting her visitors to read more great books. Currently, she's hosting THE CHRISTY CHALLENGE in an effort to expose more folks to high quality Christian fiction. She's also a committed homeschool mom and a beloved part of the FIVE IN A ROW online family.
ONEY at . Her blog, TEA AT THREE, is always just as friendly and chatty as though I'd dropped by her house for a visit over tea. Oney is another pal I've gotten to know thru FIVE IN A ROW and anyone who knows her will tell you that her witty wisdom and passion for her family makes her a true blessing to know. ROCK!
DREWE LLYN awarded me and her GIRLFRIENDS IN CHRIST devotional postings at make her a rocker in my book. Okay, okay, to be honest, if you go by outward appearances, Drewe Llyn does not look like a rocker, one of her children would definitely fit that bill, but not her. That is, until you get to know her! She may not be banging her head to screamo music, but she's willing to let her KIDS bang their heads all they want as she strives to give them the freedom to be the unique person God has created them to be. So she's a rocking mom for the grace-filled, freedom-fortified style of parenting she embraces but she also rocks for other reasons. She's loving and supportive of her husband in his call to minister as pastor to their church and she's also a minister right alongside him as she leads worship, answers the phone, teaches Sunday School, scrubs church toilets, writes articles, and a myriad of other tasks. She is also not willing to settle for status quo. Where ever she finds God placing her --- whether its in an Eastern European country as a missionary or a rural community as a homeschool mom and Mrs. to the Reverend --- Drewe Llyn strives to get beyond anything that keeps her from being authentic in her faith. And by her living out the freedom, realness, and grace ofJesus' salvation, God uses her life to shake up people's sometimes "too comfortable" faith. She's a "boat rocker" in the best sense of the world...and she's raising some "boat rockers for Jesus" in the process. Drewe Llyn may look "mild mannered" on the outside, but watch out...this woman's a super hero of the faith...even if she doesn't wear a cape!
My oldest daughter A is literally a ROCKER! Her blog, , is filled to nearly overflowing with Christian rock videos, lyrics, quizzes, concert info, and photos. She loves Christian rock and loves listening to it, reading about it, visiting related websites, going to concerts, dancing to it, and blasting out her own songs. Worshipping God through modern music is one of her favorite parts of our church's life.
My second daughter B also rocks! You can tell from her blog that while she does like Christian rock music, what she's really passionate about is art and beauty. She finds inspiration in nature, home interior magazines, illustrations from classic books, photography, old movies, and travel. She loves new styles and is rarely afraid to try something new. She rocks her world with her unique outlook on life and the creativity she brings to all she does. This is reflected in her blog, Daydreams, Raindrops, Explorations, and Ponderings ( ).
Congratulations to all you ROCKIN' GIRLS! Have fun naming your own award winners. :)


Drewe Llyn, Girlfriend's Mentor said...

Awwwh! You just say the sweetest things! I'm not sure I'll be able to post my award over on that site as it is connected to the ministry. :-( But, even so, I'll hold it in my heart!

As Kyle would say,
"Rock On!"

Oney said...


Come back to Tea at Three for my acceptance speech!


Sheri said...

That's so cute...err...Rocker Chick! Congratulations!

tdavis said...

Elysa, I'd love to hear more about your wanderings in Swaziland. Please give me a shout when you can and let's chat!sc

Elysa said...

Hey TDavis---

Is this by any chance Tom Davis with Children's Hopechest?

I just now saw your comment but couldn't link to your profile or blog from here.