Sunday, September 01, 2013


So great to see friends from my youth group days.  It had been at least 25 years since I'd seen Gil.  Ashley, standing next to me, was at MUW the same time I was.  Susan is now the church pianist.
Sunday morning was worship at my old home church, First Baptist Gautier.

Hanging with the gramds plus one of their friends.
Lunch with the more family members and friends.

Man enough to publicly appreciate the pink stuff.
Man enough to enjoy the pink stuff in public.

Sweets from my sweetheart's trip to NOLA.
Jim and Anna arrived and brought gifts.

Reading about St. Francis of Assisi on my mom's porch swing.
Reading on the front porch swing.

A Sunday stroll to the beach.  #labordayweekend
Down to the beach for a walk.

The warm Gulf waters. #labordayweekend
My beautiful girl.

Late bday gifts from big sister Anna. #labordayweekend  #merrysnday
Anna brought belated birthday gifts for Merry.

Lowering sun over the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
The sun sets on a beautiful Labor Day weekend Sunday.

Beach love.
At the beach with my true love.

Pizza night at Grandmommy's.
Sunday night pizza supper.

My hard working college girl hitting the books.  All.  Weekend.  Long.
Despite the holiday weekend, Betsie was a dedicated student and worked on schoolwork.

Making campaign materials for Betsie's bid for SGA freshman senator. #votebetsie #muw #wecandoit #labordayweekend
We also worked on her SGA senate campaign materials.

Perfect way to end a day of rest...Duck Dynasty.   Thank goodness for reruns!
And watched lots of Duck Dynasty.

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