Friday, September 06, 2013


Many people have asked how Betsie is doing up at college. The answer is fabulous!

She lives with great, amazing, Jesus-loving girls. She likes her classes and professors even if she is having to study and work really hard. She is running for Student Government freshman senator-in-training. She's been visiting First Baptist Church of Columbus and attending on-campus ministry activities, especially at the Wesley Foundation. She is making wonderful and funny friends. And she is happy, though it isn't always easy being away from your family when you know they are leaving for Africa in less than 4 months.

Today, Betsie and many of her classmates started social club recruitment at MUW. She attended numerous parties (don't worry, the non-alcoholic variety) and will do so all weekend before being picked up as a pledge on Monday. Betsie wasn't sure when she first started at The W if she'd pledge a club, at least not right away. But what she's come to realize is that a social club is a family that will be here for her when we're a long way from her.

See, Betsie is fabulous. But even fabulous girls miss their mamas and daddies and siblings. Even fabulous girls sometimes wish that God's plans didn't mean that their family had to be quite so far-flung. But praise God, He realizes that these fabulous girls need Him to send some provison in the form of other people.


And is her Heavenly Father ever providing for this need in truly incredible ways.

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