Thursday, September 05, 2013


Doing what God tells you to do isn't always easy. If we say that we're followers of Jesus, then we have to be willing to do the kinds of things that Jesus did. That even includes leaving behind family and friends. He left His Heavenly home to come to earth and then when the time was right, he had to leave His carpenter's life in Nazareth to begin His public ministry.

I can only imagine that at times He missed home. After all, He is fully God but He is also fully human.

Sometimes, I miss my old life. I miss lazy Saturday mornings, my pets and chickens, the kids playing freely outside, and getting to spend time with my church girlfriends. Hear me out now, I am very, very thankful for our time here at We Will Go. I know God called us to move here and it has been the best training and transitioning for moving to Africa that I could even imagine.

But part of that transition has meant letting go of our old life. Because of our busy ministry schedule, I rarely get to see friends back at our old community or church friends outside of Sunday morning services.

Wednesday, a friend from church absolutely blessed me when she texted to see if I wanted to join her and the women from her Care Group at a local restaurant. It took some juggling with plans, but I was able to go. What a sweet, sweet time of fellowship it was.

I will follow Jesus no matter the cost, HE IS WORTH IT, but I am also so grateful that He allowed me a little bit of time with these women. He understands. He's made even greater sacrifices.

So blessed to be with these beauties.
Supper at Babalu's.

Jealous much, @betsie_joy ?
Coffee at Cups.

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