Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our daughter is now at the training base for her Adventures in Missions trip to Romania. She arrived yesterday afternoon and immediately started bonding with her team. She's got some great girls and two guys to spend the next month with. Four of her teammates have spent time in Swaziland so there is already a connection there between some of them. And then, of course, they all have the biggest connection...their passionate love for God and His beloved little ones.

Here are two photos from yesterday. Don Rock, AIM staffer, is leading them in their first worship service.

Our daughter's team is on the back row wearing the red scarves. B is 4th from the right and wearing the scarf in her hair and her sleeves pushed up all the way.

Gosh, I love that girl! Keep praying for her, okay?

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Coffee Bean said...

I'm praying for your Sweet and Sassy Betsie Joy! I love that girl too!