Thursday, May 27, 2010


Please keep on praying for us. We sure are needing extra prayer support these days, er, months.

*Our oldest daughter is traveling today. Pray for safety and continued guidance from the Lord during her trip.

*My amazing husband is really feeling the burden this week of so many demands and responsibilities along with stresses such as stuff related to the house. Please pray for him to have peace and joy despite it all!

*We need to be more like Jesus! As we face these obstacles and trials, pray that we'll look to the Lord and let Him make us more and more like His son.

*Our 2nd daughter leaves for Romania in three weeks. Pray for her and the other team members as they prepare their hearts for service. Pray that she'll get everything out of this time that God has for her.

*We are continually seeking the Lord about His will for our family's future. Right now we specifically need guidance as we plan our trip to Swaziland. Pray that we'll meet with all the people we need to meet with as we seek to discover God's plans for us. Pray especially for my husband to hear from God despite all the other stuff going on.

*The building is continuing to be delayed. Pray for this. Specifically, please pray that the sheet rockers will get their job done soon so the rest can move forward.

*I want to love Jesus more and more and want my family to be consumed with passion for Him. Pray that we will learn to walk in the fullness of His love and power. Pray that we'll be broken hearted over our sin and that we'll do whatever it takes to follow Him fully.

Thanks to you all for your continued love and support,

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