Thursday, May 20, 2010


We've got a lot more going on than usual that I surely, surely would appreciate your prayers about:

*Our oldest daughter leaves soon for a month out west. She'll be visiting friends, colleges, relatives, and doing a lot of traveling and outdoor activities. Please pray for safety, that God will be in the relationships, and that she'll hear from God as she tours campuses.

*Keep praying for the "lost sheep". He is coming around the ministry again but still needs complete restoration and deliverance.

*Pray for hubby and me as we face some parenting challenges. We need a LOT of Godly wisdom. 'Nuff said.

*We're having some glitches with our rebuilding/remodeling situation. Pray for all the issues to be cleared up so that we can be back in our home soon but also pray that we'll continue to learn what we need to learn during this season.

*Hubby and I need guidance as we plan for our trip to Swaziland in September. We are having to make some decisions about what we'll do during this time of seeking God. Pray for us to have our steps ordered.

*A young friend is going on a missions trip this summer but some obstacles keep coming up. Pray that the way will be made clear.

*We have someone very close to us who does not know the Lord, really even believe in Him. Pray that God will make Himself very real to this loved one and that He'll use as us needed.

Thanks so much! Your prayers are so vital.

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