Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday we attended the outdoor worship service at WE WILL GO inner-city ministry. It was an awesome time, as usual, but I was reminded of why last summer I had decided that we needed to find some good, ole fashioned, hand fans. You know, the kind that funeral homes often give away? I had meant to do something about it then as summers in the deep south really heat up but I kept forgetting to look for any and then the cooler temps of fall came along and it totally went off of my radar screen.

Now it is heating up again and as I held my sleeping, sweaty six year old son yesterday, I was once again pondering the need for some cooling breeze. So I'm a'wondering...does anyone know where I can find some of these fans for free or at least dirt cheap? We'd need a bunch of them as the ministry often has close to a hundred in attendance and I can pretty much guarantee that most of the fans would be finding new homes at the end of each service. After all, this is a ministry that targets a lot of homeless folks and people living in housing without the greatest of modern amenities. And if you've never been down this way in the summer time, believe me when I say it feels like a sauna most afternoons from mid-May to mid-September.

If you, your business, or your church could be of any help in this area, it would be greatly appreciated. In this climate, that cup of cold water given in Jesus' name applies to breeze causing fans as well!

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