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Our family has been blessed by the FIVE IN A ROW family of educational products and services for 17 years now. We've used their curriculum, attended their homeschool conferences, and implemented many of their principles and philosophies into our family's every day living. I can not speak highly enough of the folks at FIVE IN A ROW and the blessing they've been to so many. Now they are offering a new option and I'm so enthused about it, I just had to pass on the news to others. Here's what Steve Lambert, publisher of FIVE IN A ROW has to say:

It's a long story, but I'll make it as short as possible...

When my daughter Becky adopted Laney from China 18 months ago she needed a variety of therapies, including speech therapy. We were blessed to meet Cari Ebert, a lovely, talented, professional who has many years experience in diagnosing and treating speech and language delays. She also happens to be a Christian, and since meeting Becky she has become a homeschooler.

Fast forward a year. We have been SO BLESSED by Cari's friendly, relational, activity-based approach to speech therapy and the amazing impact it's had on little Laney Kate. AND- it turns out that long before meeting us Cari had been working hard on developing a set of diagnostic tests and therapies which would enable ANY PARENT to diagnose and treat their own childrens' speech and language problems.

1 in 10 children suffer from speech or language delays and NEED diagnosis and speech therapy. Yet diagnosis costs $150-$300 per child and treatment runs $75- $150 per hour and typically requires 150 hours of therapy to complete. That's $15,000+ in most cases!

Cari has asked us to publish small talk, her AMAZING curriculum and we have been so pleased to work with her in this wonderful program. As of today, it's available directly from FIAR for only $150- less than the cost of just diagnosing one child's needs.

The activities are simple, fun, relational and activity-based. EVERY PARENT can do it- and enjoy the process. Jane and I were immediately impressed that it such a similar feel to all of our FIAR products- warm, relational, foundational, activity-based.

small talk will be reviewed in upcoming issues of both The Old Schoolhouse and Homeschooling Today. It has been beta- tested extensively and our own grandchild is a living testimony to how well the program works! You'll be seeing articles by Cari Ebert in upcoming issues of both The Old Schoolhouse and Homeschooling Today and she will soon have her own website:

But for now- you no longer need to wait. Speech problems do NOT fix themselves and speech is foundational to communication, social interaction and so much more. In fact- it's essential to EVERYTHING WE DO!

Just follow the link to get started: You'll find it near the bottom of the page. The book is IN STOCK and ready to ship immediately.

I PROMISE YOU you'll be blessed and your children will be better for it. Intended for early childhood, it's usable with children of many ages- typically ages 2 to 7 or so.


Steve - Who can not TELL YOU how excited he is about this amazing product!!!

PS- I think we'll enclose a special surprise gift with the first copies ordered... and I'll ask Cari to autograph the first 10 copies too!

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