Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For the last week, for technical reasons I don't understand, I've not been able to blog here at Graceland. I was beginning to despair that I'd NEVER get to blog again. But alas, my worries were unfounded and it's up and happening again. The last week has been very busy and we've had some fun times. I don't have time to post details and photos tonight, but hopefully tomorrow will allow me some catching up time.

In the meantime, let me share a couple of prayer requests:

*Pray for the Fumias who are still in Ukraine adopting Grisha. Pray that the adoption will be finalized soon with no problems.

*Pray that our 15 year old daughter will raise the rest of her support in less than 3 weeks. She still needs around $2,000!

*Pray for a little Swazi girl who is traveling to the States this week to receive medical treatment for a cobra bite. She's just a little toddler and that's an awfully long way for a hurting baby to travel.

*Pray for my mom as she cares for my grandmother whose health and strength are rapidly failing. It's very hard on my mom and my grandmother. Pray for my mom's emotional strength. Pray for my grandma to strongly feel the peace and comfort of God.

Thanks! And hopefully more tomorrow.

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