Thursday, May 07, 2009


Farm fresh eggs layed by our own chickens
Bibletime with kids
Praying for the missionaries around the breakfast table
Job list
Ice cold water in a big ole River Oaks jug
Big hair and lots of lipstick
Peanut butter, jelly, and oatmeal sandwich
Spelling and reading lessons
Simplified fractions
Mother's Day cards for the grandma's drawn by little and not so little hands
Bags of consignment clothes
Sweet smelling clover flower gift from my "baby"
Boys hoeing the raised garden beds
Air conditioning
Mailing gifts for mamas
Running to the Clear Branch Store (not literally)
Driving with Daughter B just so we can talk
Koala bear hugs
No new vehicle
Washing all the green clothes
Fluffy kittens cuddled (and terrorized) by preschoolers
Out of toilet paper
Chickens pestering the cats
Asian veggie eggdrop soup
Answering emails
Five in a Row book thread
Facebook birthday greetings to many friends
Talking about messing up and being forgiven
Turning in receipts to the CEO...hubby
Refereeing kid situations
Daughter B saying "no" to free chocolate
Looking at online Swazi pictures and longing for the day
Cholest-Off, Fish Oil tablets, Allergy meds, Biotin, etc. etc.
Visiting with friends via their blogs
"Please speak more sweetly"
Trying to listen to more than one kid at a time
Little heads leaning on both my shoulders
Big blue eyes and equally big green ones
Stuck on "Gotta couple of dents in my fender..."
Found the toilet paper
Crying over Taylor Swift's video dedicated to her mama
Teenage hormones...and pre-menopause ones, too
Kids lined up for computer time
Extra time with bill paying hubby
Looking through old photographs with son P
Walking in the moonlight
A million questions
A thousand blessings

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Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Elysa, this is so creative and just lovely to read this blog. I grew up on a farm, so I appreciate the simplicity that living in the country can bring. Thanks for sharing all that life is bringing you, with us! Blessings!