Thursday, May 28, 2009

As I mentioned in Tuesday's blog post, I was unable to get on here and blog for about a week. A lot has happened in that week so I thought I'd play catch-up today.
Last week, hubby and I spent a whole day running errands and eating out at a cool, funky restaurant, Walker's Drive In located in the Fondren District. The tamales were SCRUMPTIOUS!
While we were turning in our big, 15 passenger van to be worked on, we saw a car much like the one hub's grandparents drove long, long time ago. It was in pristine condition.

We are still in the fundraising mode getting ready for A's trip to Swaziland. She leaves in less than a month and she still needs around $2,000!!! I know it seems HUGE but nothing is too big for God, right? This past Saturday we had a jewelry and bake sale at the local Kroger Grocery Store with another family whose daughter is also going to Swaziland with Anna.

After church on Sunday morning we went to inner-city Jackson for a time of fun and love. A new family joined us for the first time. It was exciting seeing their eyes get opened to what God is doing thru the WE WILL GO ministry and what God wanted to show them about their own lives.
On Monday afternoon, we went over a few towns and down a few country roads to another homeschool family's house to celebrate Memorial Day. They have ELEVEN kids so our family is actually comparatively small...a rarity for us! We had a fun time eating great food (oh my word...the ribs and green bean casserole were so good!), swimming in the pool, getting to know each other better, and playing spoons, XBox, & board games.

On our way home, we made an unexpected stop along the Natchez Trace and took a short hike around an amazingly beautiful cypress swamp.

The last couple of days we've been playing catch-up and gearing up for this weekend's events...another fundraiser for A's trip (a yard sale this time), the homeschool End-of-the-Year party, a boyscout canoe trip. Plus, we've been taking care of all the last minute details related to the Swaziland missions trip. All this paperwork! And to think, we'll have to repeat this whole process over again but doubled next year as BOTH the oldest girls are already counting on going on missions trips the summer of 2010.
Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it...though excited. Yeah, life can be pretty hectic at times. But mostly, it's good. God good.

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Leslie said...

What a beautiful swamp! I'd love to visit.

I"m so glad that all is going well with the fund-raising! Praise God. Praying for an amazing and life-changing trip for all involved.