Thursday, December 05, 2013


And what did we do the rest of the week in Swaziland?

To be honest, it is all a blur as that was about a month ago. Jim and I hit the ground running as our return to the States meant we had about a month and a half til our move date.
To say that it has been crazy since returning would be an understatement, but here are a few photo highlights from the rest of the trip.

We were able to deliver food to a homestead outside of Manzini.

This baby had to weigh almost as much as the girl carrying her. #swazikids #precious #swaziland #swazilandtripnovember2013 #jesuslovesthelittlechildren

We ate out with the Donaldsons.

The small dessert napkins were folded into fans and put on our diminutive forks.  Inge and I enjoyed our cheesecake though it was very different from American style.  It was lighter.  More like a cross between a jello dessert and a cheesecake.   #cheeseca

Got our made-for-rough-and-rugged-African-roads vehicle.

Ta-da!  We are now the owners of a beautiful, God-provided vehicle.  Now we HAVE to come back to Swaziland!  ;D #buyingthenewvehicle #leitestoyota #fortuner #manzini #swaziland #soexcited #firsttimeever #thankyoulord

Jim scrubbed black mold off the ceiling of the Donadson's bathroom.

Jim spent a chunk of yesterday scrubbing black mold off of the bathroom ceiling in our host's home.  This man is GONNA find work to do.  Anyone wanna bring over a gallon of Kilz paint? O-o #hardworking #hunkyhubby #ilovethisman #servantheart #blackmold #n

Purchased insurance for said vehicle.

Getting car insurance. #preparingformovingtoafrica #journeytolivinginswaziland #insurance #swazilandroyalinsurancecorporation #livinginafrica

We surprised a Swazi friend by dropping by her office for an unplanned visit.

Stopped in to surprise this sweet friend while we were just in the neighborhood dealing with the car business.  Can't wait to see her on a regular basis.   #sisterinchrist #swazifriend #swazibeauty #swazilandtripnovember2013

Jim and I lunched at my very-favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world Chinese place for lunch.

A delicious lunch in front of Kowloon's as we wait for the  estate agent's office to open up after lunch. Here, the business lunch hour is from 1 - 2.  We ordered egg fu yung, samosas, and spring rolls.  When the owner found out that I used to eat at Kowl

The Manzini Craft Market was where we bought a few souvenirs for the folks back home.

We always visit Cezar at the Manzini Craft Market.  This Mozambican always has a gentle smile and a warm greeting waiting for us.  He is the one who had sold us many souvenirs over the years including toy machetes, batik cloths, wooden cats, a drum, woode

Time was spent pricing groceries and looking around at what's available.

Yesssss!  Peanut butter made from 100% peanuts. No extra oil.  No sugar. No extras.  Unfortunately it is pretty pricey at a little over $4 a jar.  I am thinking I might need to start making homemade. #organic #cleaneatingpeanutbutter #protein #woolies #wo

For the kids' sake, we checked out the country's only movie theater so we could tell them about prices and offerings once we got back home. Wednesdays are half-price tickets and you can see a movie for around $1.50. Popcorn and a soda together cost less than $5.00.

After we made our orders, Inge and I went walking around a bit.  First stop was the only movie theater in Swaziland but it is a nice one and super cheap by American standards.  Regular admission is less than $3.50 and on Wednesdays it is half-price. You c

And on our way back to the States, we ate very nice food.

Tex Mex for me and lots of meat for Jim at the Spur upon arriving at the Johannesburg airport on Thursday.

The marketing worked on Jim, my favorite warrior. #spurrestaurant #warrior #lotsofmeat #carnivore #lunch #meatlover #rsa #southafrica #swazilandtripnovember2013
Why yes, I AM eating Tex Mex as my last lunch in Africa. #spurrestaurant #texmex #thisisafrica #nachosmexicana #imasuckerforguacamole #lastdayinafrica #thursdayafternoon #tamboairport #swazilandtripnovember2013 #rsa #southafrica

Lovely bakery items for dessert.

Those who know me in real life, are you sitting down?  Yes, me ... the "sugar police" mama ordered all these and ate 3/4 of what you see.  Jim and I both agree that this is probably the most sweet stuff that I have eaten in years, if not ever. #myhappypla

A peaceful and lovely breakfast at the Frankfurt airport on Friday.

Such attention given to lovely details...from the blue water bottle to the chocolate beside the coffee cup. Really charming. #deutsch #germanrestaurant #frankfurtairport #fridaymorning #fridayinfrankfurt #chocolate #coffee #freshsqueezedorangejuice #bluea

And Laughing Cow cheese on the plane ride across the Atlantic.

He's laughing on the inside. #laughingcow #cheese #planefood #flyingfromEurope #swazilandtripnovember2013 #thethingsthismandoestohumorme

We had an overnight layover in Houston on Friday so we stayed with some friends whom I have known since I was a teenager.

What a true blessing this picture represents.  Not only are Jim and I getting to actually sleep in a bed tonight, as opposed to airport chairs or a seat on a plane, but I am getting to spend time with one of my best friends from college.  Laura and I live

And after teary-goodbyes with the Grahams on Saturday morning, it was on to Jackson where, as stated previously, we hit the ground running.

The next post I write will be an update on what's gone on since and what is facing us in the weeks to come.

But before I close, let me say a big THANK YOU to all of you who prayed for us while we were there and supported us in other ways. We couldn't have done it without our friends helping out with banking, folks who looked after our kids, and all the others involved in various ways. This really is a team effort and that team ain't just us Macs. I am so grateful for the people God has put in our lives. We need each of them. We need you.

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