Friday, December 27, 2013


Let me let you in on a secret. The date for this blog post says I am writing this in December of 2013 but that isn't really true. It is actually August of 2014 and I'm playing catch-up big-time.

When I first started blogging years ago, I blogged daily. In fact, I blogged daily for years, rarely missing a day. I might have to take a temporary hiatus due to a vacation or mission trip. For a season, I blogged erratically after our house fire when we didn't have internet access. Then I moved to live at We Will Go and our life cranked up exponentially. Some days were just too busy to blog and some days I was just too tired at the end of the day to try to put words together in any semblance of order or interest or humor.

And then the move month happened.

All of a sudden the craziness increased even more. On top of all the regular ministry and mommy responsibilities was added all the activities related to moving our family to another continent. Our days were crammed with packing and going-away parties and seeing friends "one last time" and shopping and taking care of banking issues and on and on and on. Oh...and I mustn't fail to mention that it was also Christmas so we were also buying gifts and attending holiday functions and making Christmas yummies and...

Well, you get the point.

It was insane.

And then we moved to Swaziland.

We didn't have internet at home for nearly 4 months so grabbed bits and pieces of internet time at restaurants and friend's houses as we could. There was never time to blog as I was using that precious time to try to answer emails, send pictures to folks back home, communicate with our university daughters, and go through days and days' worth of Facebook notifications.

So now we have internet and I've put off updating my blog for 8 months now because I'm just awesome that way. Did I mention that I also broke my finger back in June so that also put a crimp in my typing abilities.

ANYWAY....that is a very long way of saying that this procrastinating, easily-overwhelmed, slightly OCD-about-my-blog-posts girl is now committed to blogging again. I don't know if I will ever be able to blog again every day, but I can do better than once every several months.

So what's my plan? I am going to go back and post summaries of the past season of our life beginning with the last few weeks in America and working my way up to the present. I will date them and write them as though I posted as it was happening. Hopefully once I break thru this mental hurdle, I will not feel like a little ant trying to eat an entire Thanksgiving meal and can easily post updates on a more regular basis.

Rev your engines readers, we're about to race through 8 months.

Restoration Church's women's ministry Christmas party.

Going away party we threw at We Will Go and had friends from many different parts of our life including my Troubadour little sister from my MUW days.

Restoration Church's going-away party.
Laura, Merry, and Travis participated in the church Christmas service.  Travis had a solo.
Saying goodbye at We Will Go
Merry and Amy Lancaster at the WWG Christmas Party
Extra time with our "other son".
More packing.
Shipping day.
Final night of GAs and RAs at 1st Baptist Jackson.
Moved into a WWG bunkhouse for the last days.
Lunch out with my bestie.
More goodbyes.
And last times of visiting with neighbors at the ministry.
Hobbit movie then milkshakes at Sonic while visiting on the Gulf  Coast.
Special Christmas service at my growing-up church, 1st Baptist Gautier, and the Swazi flag used in their Lottie Moon campaign every year.
And that's it for now. The last month in America to be continued because I've already been working on this one for a few hours and the kids are begging for the computer. Ugh. This catching up might take a really long time.

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