Monday, November 04, 2013


In just a few minutes, Jim and I will be heading to the airport. We've got 4 suitcases and extra carry-ons filled up with clothes, graduation caps, balloons, Mardi Gras bead necklaces, chocolate chips, Twizzlers, and even a tiara. Some of the stuff is for us, some is for missionaries, a lot of it is for precious, beloved, Swazi children. The children that God has called us to serve and love.

Swaziland Elysa with little girls at Fikile's framed

I had written out a whole list of prayer requests for our trip and they have just disappeared.  We are literally going out the door now so let me just make it really simple....


Just whatever comes to mind, whenever, pray! 


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Jen said...

Eeeeep!!! Wish I could have stowed away in your luggage. But will definitely be praying for you, and anxiously waiting for an update. :)