Saturday, November 09, 2013


A quick overview of what we did on Saturday. After going to see the potential house again on Friday morning as well as another one in Madonsa that afternoon, we went this morning to buy some furnishings for our future home. An American family, the Taylors, are leaving Swaziland so we were able to buy many practical items such as two twin beds, a kettle, silverware, an indoor clothesline, a gas cooker for when we don't have electricity, a crockpot, and even clothes hangers. We also bought some fun items such as two bikes for the kids.

In the afternoon, we accompanied Dudley Donaldson to go to the Pick-N-Pay where he bought food for some families needing food. While there, Jim and I continued to price items that our family regularly uses and looked over options available here. Many things are cheaper (such as fruit and veggies), some are the same (meat seems to run about the same), and some things are more (such as cheese).

Jim helps Dudley get the food for the hungry families. #picknpay #lovelookslikesomething #loveyourneighborasyouloveyourself #amazingmenofgod #jesusfollowers #swazilandtripnovember2013

Get your eggs then buy a bike to take them home.  By the way, those eggs are 60 for $6.   #swazifood #swaziland #picknpay #thehub #juxtaposition #wewillbeeatingalotofeggs #swazilandtripnovember2013

Afterwards, we were able to spend time with the Swazi pastor that Jim will be teaching with at the Zion Bible College and his wife.

This is the Bible teacher who Jim will be teaching with when we move here.  Sangweni and his wife Thembe are a blessing to the ministry of Zion Bible College. #zbc #zionist #zionbiblecollege #manzini #swaziland #swazilandtripnovember2013

For supper, one of the Swazi girls living with the Donaldsons helped me make a cabbage and beef dish that a Swazi had taught me how to make when I lived here back in the 80's. It was fun spending time with her. She was a pro with the knife and cut the cabbage a lot better than I did.

Happy with our finished product. #happyfoodie #swazifriend #swazifood #halfswazi #halfamerican #saturdayevening #swazilandtripnovember2013 #foodiemama #cabbage #eatlocal #localtarian #eatyourveggies

My favorite times in Swaziland definitely involve spending time with beautiful friends, each one precious gifts from the Lord.

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