Monday, August 10, 2009


As most of you know, my daughter "A" spent a month in Swaziland recently. To say that is was an overwhelming experience is more than a bit of an understatement. And trying to succinctly communicate what all happened has been a daunting task that she has avoided. But as she's now been back three weeks, it really is time to force herself to try and tell her story. In an effort to help her process through the experience and tell all her supportive family and friends about her adventure I, her Swazi-crazed, and ever loving mother, will interview her. So let the conversation begin.

"A", tell us how you came to the decision to spend a month in Swaziland with Adventures In Missions.

You can call me Indie if you want for now. So now to answer the question, I went to Swaziland last year with you and "B" and felt God was telling me to go back again. AIM (Adventures In Missions) fit all the requirements I was looking for in a missions organization and I'd heard really good stuff about it. The choice to go to Africa with them was very right.

But why did you want to go back to Swaziland?

I didn't. Not really. It wasn't me. The idea of missions---especially in Africa---was totally unappealing to me. But at the same time, and this will sound cliche-ish, I had a burning desire to go and serve and do something. So I knew that it must be God and I had to go. I ended up really wanting to also.

What was your expectation of what the trip would be like?

Nothing like how it really was. But I suppose I need to give more than that huh? I expected to work a lot, "do good things", and to hate or at least not be friends with anyone on my team of people going with me. Well, except for Megan. But she's been my best friend forever so she doesn't count.

And in reality what was it really like?....To find out, check tomorrow's blog post.

Ooh. The suspense might kill them.


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Oh Elisa, we completely can relate to how difficult for A to summerize and communicate about the missions trip. Even though I have not commented much, I have been praying for A daily as she reintegrates back into her life. Why is is so tough to summerize it for people? Do you know, since you have gone and experienced the brokenness yourself? We are still struggling with condensing and communicating it all, but also have to, because we have two meetings coming up where we will be sharing with many of our supporters, our church family, etc.

It is so incredible how God used your daughter to be Christ to so many at a young age. Just wonderful! Hug her for me and let her know she is in my prayers! Please thank her for the blog and her love for the Swazi people and love for Christ!


Rhonda Jeanne said...

oooooh...a CLIFFHANGER!!!