Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today my firstborn flies with her team to Africa. They will depart in just a few hours and then about 15 hours later will land in Johannesburg, South Africa. Then it's 5 more hours on to their ministry destination in Swaziland. Please pray for them...pray for safety and rest. And pray for us left behind.

I'm sure that most of the other families are like us...excited but really missing them and finding it hard to let them go without having talked to them since Friday. I've been hoping and praying that we'd get some sort of communication from them before they catch that plane. I would love a phone call, but even something via the internet would be good.

And so I was thrilled to find posted on their team website just a bit ago, a video from their training camp. It moves pretty fast, but if you'll pause it at the 28 second mark, you'll see my daughter with her team. She only shows up for a milli-second (unless you pause it) but she's sitting to the far right in the shade and wearing a black shirt. She dehydrates easily so I'm thinking that might be why she's under cover, but, she looks so happy...and that makes me happy, despite the fact that I started boo-hooing when I saw my girl.

BTW, there are 5 teams there and they distinguish the teams by wearing fabric strips of various colors. The Swazi team is wearing green. Also, if you click on the icon to the bottom of the screen that's second from the right, it will enlarge the photos to take up your whole monitor screen and you can see their beautiful faces more clearly.

Praising God for the wonders of modern technology and asking you to join with me in praying for them as they fly away today to amazing African adventures.


Angela said...

Only a proud mama could catch that blip. :-) How sweet! I'm glad you were able to sort of see her and know that she was smiling. I'll be praying with you, and I'd like a few prayers myself because I just learned some news which has me feeling a bit freaked out.

It turns out that our Sunday of serving in Children's Ministry will not be on July 19th, as I had assumed, but rather on the 12th...just moments after arriving in La Paz, 13,000 ft. up. Under normal circumstances, at our home church, it takes a lot of energy for me to teach our large class of 5-6yo's. But, to do it THERE, after flying all night and then struggling just to breathe, I'm thinking it will take nothing short of a miracle. In my weakness, may He show Himself to be strong! May He be glorified!

Christi Bowman said...

LOVED the video and I spotted her the third time through...can you give me the link to there page on AIM's sight...thanks...and hugs!!

Elysa said...

Angela---Yeah, I had to be quick with that pause button to catch her! And I'll definitely be praying about the altitude and ministry situation. Need to pack some Mountain Dew or Red Bull? ;)

Christi---The blog for her team is at: