Monday, June 01, 2009


Here are some things 5 year old T and 3 year old M have said over the last couple of days:
Yesterday, T told me that he is going to have a million children. But only one of them is going to be a girl. Wow.
Today, 3 year old Miss M said she needed to drink her apple juice so she'd be strong enough to go to Swaziland.
And then tonight, she'd saw a spider in her room and got all scared. After her Daddy prayed for her at bedtime, she said she was going to take all the spiders to the king. I asked her which king --- the King of Swaziland (as she mentions him frequently) or Jesus, the King of Kings? She said the King of Kings so He can stomp on their heads and kill them.
I sure do love those two!
(BTW, that's T, not M drinking in this photo...have to do with what I've got!)


Wife in Training said...

Wow, A million kids. T is pretty brave to take on that many kids... I do feel sorry for that one girl though.

Elysa said...

Don't'cha, though?