Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I asked my youngest two kids, Little Miss M who is 3 (nearly 4) and T who is 5 to tell me about our Monday trip to the zoo. What we did, what they liked best, and whatever else they wanted to tell about our time. Here's their reports along with a bunch of the photos from the day...which by the way, are in reverse to the way the day actually progressed except for the very first one. But it's too late and I'm too tired to fool with rearranging them.

So anyway.

Here's the kidlets' version of the day:

Little Miss M says ""I liked to see my giraffes. I rided the giraffe on the carousel. And I ride the train, too. I went into the gift shop. And I saw the elephants. I went into the farm. I brush'ed the goats. 1 goat. 2 goats. 3 goats. Now I went to see my dad at the toyshop while we waited to ride the train. I saw the flamingos. And I saw the lions. And I saw the tigers. I saw the dancing bird---MOM! We forgot to see the [dancing] bird at the Zoo. Next time we go on my birthday we have to see the dancing bird that was dancing with [sister] B."

And T says, "I loved eating the Lunchables. And I really loved going on the train. And I loved petting the goats. And I just rode the carousel just for fun. And I just wanted to have a sister-brother thing with M & me. And I loved getting the money out under the bridge. It was awesome. Too bad my dad wasn't there when we saw the mooning monkeys because then the monkeys would have mooned us and peed and it would be real funny."

Yeah, he's all boy alright.

By the way, that's my favorite brother's oldest son up above. Ain't he a sweetie with that penguin? The special exhibit penguin gift shop is actually as fun as the real penguins! It's a favorite place to go each time we visit the zoo. And so far, we've managed to leave without buying ANY stuffed animals! Woo-hoo!
Life is good.

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