Monday, November 20, 2006


Funny films, silly friends, corny jokes, and CrAzY cakes make me laugh. And laughter feels SO good! But what feels even BETTER is knowing that its not "all about me" and my ability to do good, but its "all about HIM" and HIS UNFAILING GOODNESS!!! Of course, KNOWING about His free gift of grace makes it possible for me to laugh and fully enjoy life!

This quote is such a great reminder of the freedom we have in Christ...

"The main thing we learn from a serious attempt to practice the Christian virtues is that we fail. If there was any idea that God had set us a sort of exam and that we might get good marks by deserving them, that has to be wiped out. If there was any idea of a sort of bargain, any idea that we could perform our side of the contract and thus put God in our debt so that it was up to Him to perform His side, that has to be wiped out." C S Lewis, MERE CHRISTIANITY

And the cake pictured below is a reminder and evidence that God has given us some pretty unique and laugh-inducing talents! LOL!

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